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The McKay Group has solved connectivity and data collection issues across many different industries and applications over the last 15 years.  Some of those are listed here, please contact us if your need lies in another area.

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Connectivity on the plant floor, the farm or any industrial complex is becoming more and more critical, but the costs associated with running wired Ethernet and conduit are very high.  Mobile equipment makes it even more difficult.  Our long term expertise in WiFi, Cellular and Satellite connectivity will guide you to the most cost effective solution.

From learning your needs to product selection and implementation, the McKay Group will enable connectivity to all of your critical assets and equipment.

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Top notch products and technology combined with a great depth of experience allows the McKay Group to help you with difficult and unusual challenges.  These difficult data collection, communication and information problems usually correlate to a business opportunity, and once we help you solve the problem, your business runs with greater profits and efficiency.  

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Understanding what's happening at your remote facilities is critical, whether plant, farm, water/wastewater or utility.  Many times the remote location doesn't have high bandwidth internet available, and most of the time it isn't an air-conditioned office environment.  Let the McKay Group deploy hardened local data collection solutions that automatically aggregates the data and delivers critical information where and when you need it.


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